First and foremost:

I’m introducing software ideas to the real world. And are keeping them running …

Image Nikola Stankovic (botscripter)

Ever since I was a little kid, computers have been my passion. I still remember the first try to upgrade my PC, which entertained me with a firework-like show after turning on the power switch. Fortunately, a friend and I got away with just a broken power fuse.

Currently, I’m leading local and international agile software engineering teams, which I built up from the ground at UMB to create time for our customers and us. My primary responsibility is to design and develop a cloud-native SaaS platform for process automation in a multi-tenant microservice architecture with Java/Kotlin, Spring Boot and Angular.

Previously, I developed high-available health-care systems for Swiss hospitals and later for family doctors. It was heavily based on relational data structures. During my vocational school time, I started paid side projects in Java and achieved to self-fund my Company: Viascom Ltd liab. Co., together with two colleagues. At Viascom we have crafted in cooperation with the sports faculty of the University of Heidelberg and a German corporation a software solution for gyms to take efficient care of their customers. Then I continued with manufacturing business apps on Android with Java. Consulted insurances, banks, and other financial service providers to implement reliable digital transformation projects with BPM.

Still, my emotional most significant success in the IT world was when I got nominated for one of the top three projects by CH Open Source Awards. When I arrived in Zurich, having in mind that I’m from a much smaller city, the impression was overwhelming … The presentation in front of the audience back then was the start point of my today’s strength and motivation. Since then, open-source has secured a special place in my heart.

Even when I leave the office, I tend to continue writing code at home. This is what keeps me up at night, a never-ending thirst to create beautiful, powerful things and share them with the world. Next to coding, I’m spending my leisure time with my wife, my dog Simba and a lot of travelling. In contrast, I’m trying not to miss any chances of doing something creative (stans.pictures).

I believe that software can improve the lives of people around the world.